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Fons amoris - Johann Zach: Stabat mater & Missa solemnis in D

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vokalenensemble NovoCanto, Barocksolisten Munich
Katja Stuber (S), Susanna Langer (A), Paul Schweinester (T), Sebastian Myrus (B)

Vigilius Blasius Faitelli Motetten Op. 2

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Tiroler Barockinstrumentalisten
Melanie Hirsch (S), Ursula Eitinger (A), Michael Kranebitter (B)
Organ and musical director: Marian Polin


Small is beautiful

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The CD includes baroque orchestral music played from a chamber orchestra. Soloists of the Tyrolean baroque instrumentalists have recorded works with Tyrolean references by Gottfried Finger. Bach's 2nd Brandenburg Concerto was recorded in the original version for four solo instruments and basso continuo in low tuning, according to the latest scientific knowledge. Though not the scientific, but the musical idea is in "small is beautiful" in the foreground. 

Stefan Ennemoser (Trp), Julia Fritz (Blfl), Georg Fritz (Ob, Blfl), Claudia Norz (V), Gerlinde Singer (Vc), Max Volbers (Cem, OP), Elisabeth Baumer (Ob), Katharina Wessiack (V), Christian Gruber (Trp)​ 

Da haben die Dornen   
Rosen getragen 

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The CD contains advent music in the style of the ‚Volksklassik’ 
with almost exclusively new pieces and arrangements, which 
were produced especially for the performing artists. While 
the vokalensemble NovoCanto contributes intimate music for 
this silent time of the year to the CD, "Die Hoameligen" play 
charming folk music, the brass ensemble "Blechbeißer" join
the CD with solemnly brass sounds and the "Wiltener Holzbläser" 
bring pastoral sounds to the CD.

vokalensemble NovoCanto, musical director: Wolfgang Kostner
Die Hoameligen
Wiltener Holzbläser, musical director: Peter Kostner
Brassquintett Blechbeißer, musical director: Stephan Kostner

Requiem Aeternam

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Music from early Romanticism

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809–1847) 
Jakob Schgraffer (1799–1859)
Josef Netzer (1808–1864)

Erlacher (S), Gmeinder (A), Rogl (T), Mattersberger (B)
vokalensemble NovoCanto, Bläserensemble des Ferdinandeums
Musical director: Ernst Schlader


Musik für die Karwoche
Music for the Holy Week

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Johann Zach was classified under the most important composers
of sacred music in his own time. Born in Bohemia, the composer
frequently visited the Cistercian Abbey in Stams, Tyrol, where
he left a large number of compositions. This recording is part
of the serial musikmuseum and includes rarities in stylus mixtus
of the 18th century that are well worth hearing.

vokalensemble NovoCanto, Tiroler Barockinstrumentalisten
Michelow (S), Landauer (A), Rogl (T), Gauglhofer (B)
Musical director: Wolfgang Kostner


Neue Chormusik
aus Tirol
New choral music
from the Tyrol

A cappella pieces written by young Tyrolean composers
presented by three local chamber choirs. A strong and
promising sign of life from the Tyrolean choral scene.

Works written by Gamper, Oberparleiter, Rabl, Schmid,
Trenkwalder, Burtscher and others

vokalensemble NovoCanto - Florian Benfer
Vokalensemble der Universität Innsbruck - Georg Weiss
Vokalensemble Vocappella Innsbruck - Bernhard Sieberer



Bläsermusik Sakral
Sacred brass music

Tyrolean sacred music from the 19th century with the sound
pattern of Harmoniemusik performed on original instruments.

Jakob Schgraffer: Oratorio Die Angst und der Tod
des Erlösers
 & Harmoniemesse
Johann Baptist Gänsbacher: Harmoniemesse 

Maria Erlacher (S), Martina Gmeinder (A),
Wilfried Rogl (T), Philippe Spiegel (B)
vokalensemble NovoCanto, Bläserensemble des Ferdinandeums
Musical director: Ernst Schlader




The artistic engagement with the elusiveness of life is the
main topic of this sound collage of choral music and text.
Brigitte Fassbaender as sensitive interpreter of text and
the vocal ensemble NovoCanto under the baton of
Wolfgang Kostner approach the topic of vanitas with fortitude
and contemporary expressiveness. A moment of reflection.

Works by Bach, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Schubert, Burkhart, 
Busto, Schütz, Stroope, Lasso, Whitacre, Tastner, Britten,
Hawley, Mason 





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